All Will Be Well

All Will Be Well

Explaining the high level that a person can reach when he fills his mind with the truth of G'd's existence and encourages himself to trust and believe that all will be well and does not allow himself to be

Based on the Teachings Of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev And of His Student Rabbi Nossan of Breslev

Accustom Yourself

My dear friend, accustom yourself to say, "All will be well." Allow nothing that occurs to you – either spiritual or material – to discourage you. Instead, tell yourself that all will be well. Your acquaintance with this course of action will help you succeed in all of your endeavours.

Also, console and encourage others; inspire them with the ideal that all will be well. The power of speech has great potential to give others hope and courage. By advising people not to worry, and informing them that all will turn out well, you will make a real change in their lives. Habit is akin to second nature. When a person habitually believes that all will be well, he will really be able to improve his situation.

Therefore, if you concentrate on the thought that all will be well, and you als speak to that effect to others, then everything will truly turn out for the best.

Simple Faith in G'd

Fill yourself with a simple faith in G'd. Know that G'd sustains and animates all of existence. There is nothing at all which is not under His direct supervision. Some matters may appear inscrutable; nevertheless, they come from G'd.

When you will devote your very soul to G'd, you will realize that all that occurs is for the best, and that – in the end – all will be well. The principal source of a person's despondency and bitterness is the questions he harbors about G'd. He cannot resolve his doubts, and is therefore discouraged and believes that he has no hope.

Instead, have a simple faith in G'd. Believe without any hesitation that G'd is altruistic. No bad can emanate from Him, for He desires the good of all His creatures.

It may now be difficult for you to discern this, because the bitterness that you endure has shrouded you in darkness. Nevertheless, if you will remain firm, trust in G'd, and always say "All will be well," your life will be altered completely.

Be steadfast in maintaining a hopeful view; do not allow yourself to fall prey to pessimism and despondency. Remember: if you remain impregnable to thoughts of despair, then all will be well.

Habit Becomes Second Nature

Why must you think that everything will come to an unfavorable conclusion, G'd forbid? It is much better for you to surmise that everything will turn out well. By accustoming yourself to say "All will be well," you will perceive how all truly is well.

Habit becomes second nature. A person who says and believes that all will be well will successfully solve all of his difficulties. Fortunate is he and fortunate his lot, for his life is filled with happiness.

Conversely, a person who thinks that everything is bleak and will remain so forever, will really make himself joyless. His life will be bitter and distasteful.

So don't be foolish. Accustom yourself to thinking that all will be well. Don't only think it; say it out loud as well. 'Men you will really see your life improve, and all will be well at all times.

Why Must You Worry

Why must you worry needlessly? Why must you be so tense and depressed, as though you have no hope, G'd forbid? Instead, say to yourself, "All will be well – just as G'd has not forsaken me so far, He will not abandon me now."

Fill your mind with the thought that all will be well; believe it with unfaltering certainty in G'd. Then you will insure your success. Your problems will be transformed into triumphs. In line with your outlook on your situation, so will matters actually develop. This is because the power of thought and speech has the potential to accomplish everything.

So at all times, think and speak with unfaltering certainty that all will be well, and that there is nothing to worry about. You will see how everything will truly turn out for the best. You will be given everlasting assistance, and all will be forever well.

Foundation for Success

Worrying about coming events accomplishes absolutely nothing. Worry won't lead you to your goals. On the contrary, it will make your situation even more trying, and you will become completely confused. Worrying is not a solution.

Instead, become aware of the foundation for a successful life. Ingrain well within your mind the truth that all will be well; expel and annihilate your worries. When a I person worries, his head sways upon his shoulders like a pendulum. His intellect is befuddled, and he is unable to concentrate on anything. A erson's anxiety is the cause of all the distractions and difficulties he encounters in his day-to-day life.

Remain indifferent to the complications in your life; say the words all will be well, accepting the bitter realities you must face. You will then escape the delusions that have darkened and ravaged your thoughts. You will be filled with hope and strength, and you will work out a plan to emerge from the hardships that have enveloped you. AR will then be well, with everything turning out for the best.

More Realistic and Positive Outlook

Be aware that all will be well. This will show your trust in G'd, which is the most essential element of a person's existence. A person's success depends solely on his trust in G'd, and on his firm belief that all will be well – G'd will not abandon me.

Our holy Sages said, "Do not let this verse depart from your lips: 'Fortunate is the person who trusts in You (G'd)… (Jer. Talmud Ber. Ch.5 Hal.1). Trusting in G'd means that a person always says "All will be well."

It may seem to you that because of your many transgressions, G'd will not help you. This is not true. What is true is that all will be well. The Psalmist says, "Much pain to the wicked; but as for him who trusts in G'd, may kindness envelop him" (Psalms 32). Our Sages commented on this verse that even if a person is wicked, kindness will envelop him when he trusts in G'd; G'd will show him favor, and assist him in his endeavours.

Perhaps you consider yourself despicable on account of your many misdeeds, and it seems to you that Heaven doesn't wish to assist you. Nevenheless, accustom yourself to think and say, "All will be well," and speak of how G'd will certainly come to your aid.

In the merit of your trust in G'd, you will gain a more realistic and positive outlook, and G'd will help you overcome your problems. You will be released from darkness, and you will see wonders.

Acquiece to the Will of G'd

When a person regularly says, "All will be well," this tells a number of things about him. First, it indicates that he has a strong trust in G'd, which is the most important element in life. Also, it shows that he accepts everything he undergoes – an acquiecense to the will of G'd. Our holy Sages stated, "Accept G'd's will, so that He will in turn accept your will" (Chapters Of The Fathers 2). When a person says, "All will be well," he is humbling himself and his will before that of G'd. Then G'd will humble His own will before that of this person.

In other words, through one's great trust in G'd – through saying always "All will be well" and not being stubborn about one's own desires – one can succeed in nullifying himself totally before G'd. 'Mis, in turn, brings about a favorable situation. A person must learn to accept matters as they are. Coming to terms with reality, even if it is unpleasant, saves a person from a possibly even worse fate.

The meaning behind a person's statement that "All will be well" is that he trusts that G'd will help him escape the abysmal chasm he has fallen into. He can be assured of being saved if he prays a great deal to G'd and accepts with joy all that he must endure. Then he will succeed in overcoming his difficulties, and all will be well.

When a person considers only the will of G'd and says "All will be well," G'd considers the person's will and blesses him with much good.

Fortunate is the person who always says "All will be well," accepting everything he must undergo with composure and coming to terms with his situation. Then his affairs will come to a pleasant conclusion, and all will be well.

Be Careful of What You Say

Expel your worries, and accustom yourself to say "All will be well." This alone will help you, because your words and attitude are the main determinants of your condition.

Be careful of what you say – never allow yourself to speak in a desperate or pessimistic manner, to the effect that you will never experience any more good, G'd forbid. Such words may themselves cause matters to develop in that direction.

Make the words all will be well a part of your life. Come to terms with your situation, and face reality. This will give you the opportunity to overcome your problems.

If you were to contemplate your situation, you would perceive that all the difficulties in your life – all the stress that you bear – are due to your attempt to escape reality.

But when you say, "All will be well," and try to lead your life in accordance with reality, your life will be serene. As soon as a person accepts his situation, he frees himself from the tension whose prisoner he has been. 'Men everything will truly be well, and he will see all of his problems get solved.

Fortunate is the person who comes to terms with reality and trusts in G'd, saying always, "All will be well" – then he transforms the bad in his life to good.

Accept and Deal with the Situation

Everyone is entangled in some sort of dilemma. This can upset a person to such a point that he eventually falls into despair. Then his suffering due to his depression is more intense than the distress caused by his original problem. Some people are so affected that they are fearful of everything and everyone, and they lose all sense of peace in their lives. They are convinced that there is no hope for them, and this devastates them. In some cases, their hopelessness so overwhelms them that they become unable to cope with their situation.

A person who is in this position should realistically picture the worst possible outcome of his dilemma. He will see that at the worst there is a possibility of a financial setback or some such thing, but nothing as catastrophic as he had originally imagined.

When a person realistically considers the worst possible outcome of his situation, he will be able to accept and deal with his situation. He will be able to trust in G'd, and he will say to himself, "All will be well," laughing at the fear he had experienced.

Then he can begin to live a truly happy life, a life filled with trust in G'd.

Even if you have been hurled into utter desperation, and you even believe that you will soon die, practice this technique of coming to terms with reality. Then you will arrive at the ultimate level of trust in G-d and you will always say "All will be well."

Our Sages said, "Whoever wishes to live shall die; whoever wishes to die shall live" (Tomid 32a). When a person discerns that his only course is to come to terms with reality through taking into account the worst possible outcome of his problem and accepting that everything is for the best – then he will succeed in arriving at a level of trust in G-d so great that he will be able to bear everything. He will say with true sincerity, "All will be well," and he will also speak to other people who have become disheartened, encouraging them with the message that all will be well.

No one is as strong as a person who has reached the depths. When a person is broken-hearted, yet still comes to terms with reality, he has the power of reversing all bad to good, and attains the ability to trust in G'd. He says regarding everything, "All will be well," and thus causes matters to truly turn out well. He encourages others, and fills them with hope and trust in G'd.

Encourage Yourself

Encourage yourself in all sorts of ways. Do not despair, even if you are told that there is no hope for you.

Remain indifferent to whoever discourages you. Accept your situation. Then you will not fear anyone. You will see everything transformed for the good, and all will be well, at all times.

Everything depends upon your stubbornness in trusting in G'd. Our holy Sages said, "When a person puts his trust in G-@d, he is safeguarded both in this world and in the World-to-Come" (Men. 29b).

So strengthen your trust in G'd. Accustom yourself to say, "All will be well." Do not worry at all; instead, place yourself in the hands of G'd.

You Must Not Give Up

Be strong. Even if it seems that you have no hope, you must nevertheless not give up. Instead, try to accept your situation. Due to the difficult trials you have undergone and the complications that arise even today, this may be hard for you to do. Even so, try to'come to terms with reality; try to accept everything in your life with good cheer. You will then discern how in one fleeting moment all will be modified for the better, and all will be well.

There is no one as altruistic as G'd. As the Torah says, "G'd is good to all and He has compassion for all His creations" (Psalms 145). The intention of G'd in all you underwent was certainly benevolent. At present, it may not be possible for you to perceive this. Nevertheless, do your best to accept your situation and come to terms with reality. 'Men you will truly stand in wonder when all will be well.

Turn Toward Pain, Pain Turns Toward You

The difficulties that you endure pain you very much. Your disappointments and problems have so depressed and upset you that you are almost at the verge of losing your mind.

Nevertheless, do not retain your dismal attitude. Our holy Sages have said, "all who turn toward pain will find that pain turns toward them" (Midrash Aggada). A person must endeavour to find the consolation that lies in the midst of the pain; he must realize that G'd will certainly better his situation, and that all will be well – if he will not despair in any manner whatsoever.

Strive to find some comfort in the midst of your vexations. At the very least, matters are no worse than they are. Contemplate the plight of others who have suffered misfortune; then you will discern that G'd deals with you kindly and compassionately.

Discover the good that lies in your woes. Then your problems will be solved. Do not despair, even when your suffering is overwhelming. You must believe that a person can escape from any darkness – if he only desires to do so. All he need do is say to himself at all times, "All will be well."

Success Depends on Stubbornness

Although you have suffered many setbacks and complications, be steadfast. Do not despair. Allow nothing to discourage you, for ultimately all will be well. Your success depends solely on your stubbornness.

Realize that G'd's intent is benevolent. What is it that prevents you from perceiving this? You have acted wrongly; and that, in turn, has clouded your mind until you cannot even sense the truth of G'd's existence. Then your mind goes even further astray, and you become completely discouraged.

Counter this by accustoming yourself to speak to G'd. Tell Him everything that is in your heart; relate to Him everything you are going through, to the utmost detail. Speak to Him as you would to your friend; talk simply and in your own words, without even a hint of sophistication. At first it may appear that no one is paying any attention to what you are saying. But if you will be adamant, you will slowly remove the thick layer of rust – the heresy, despondency and edginess – that has enveloped you. You will begin to apprehend the truth of G'd's existence, and sense the all-encompassing radiating brilliance of His Divine Presence. You will see with your enlightened eyes how all will be well.

It is forbidden to fall into desperation, even in the worst of situations. Even when there doesn't appear to be a glimmer of hope, G'd's hidden compassion is present.

Focus on Difficulties, Accomplish Nothing

When you focus on your difficulties, you accomplish absolutely nothing. On the contrary, you cause your pains to increase, and you become even more bitter. You plummet into a deep dejection, to the point of possibly becoming ill, G'd forbid.

Most illnesses are caused by a person's unhealthy emotional state. Some people make themselves so sick that they must be placed in institutions.

Instead, remain firm and confident. Always say to yourself, "All will be well." This will help you break free of your desperation and bitterness. You will trust in G'd, believing that he will not desert you. Then you will be amazed at how well things will go for you. Hope and trust in G'd are the most important elements in a person's existence, both spiritually and materially, and they can do wonders.

Fortunate is the person who encourages himself; then all will be well for him, both in this world and in the next.

A Complete Cure

The cause of most nervous disorders is worry, bitterness, and groundless fear. These are a result of a person's apathy and feelings of hopelessness.

To avoid all this, accustom yourself to say these four words: "All will be well." Through this, you will expel all of the anxiety and bitterness you have, and trust in G'd with immense confidence. You will realize that just as He has not abandoned you so far, He will not desert you now.

Be aware that almost all those who suffer from nervous disorders (which can eventually lead to serious physical illness) could be cured completely if they would only endeavour to believe and say, "All will be well." They would then gain a complete cure – both spiritual and physical – and their entire lives would be transformed into something truly wonderful.

Reset Your Life's Course

Why must you always pay so much attention to your pain and difficulties? Why don't you rather accustom yourself to say "All will be well?" Why must you view the world through such a dark and dreary window, as if you have lost all hope and salvation? Why don't you rather view the world through an illuminating and optimistic glass – believing that there is certainly still much hope and that all will be well?

If you begin to live your life in this fashion – trusting only in G'd, and believing that there is no existence independent of Him you will reset your life's course, and you will live a truly sweet and engaging life.

Turn to G'd Wholeheartedly

Strengthen yourself in all sorts of ways. Never become disheartened. Trust in G'd and do good deeds; then He will certainly not desert you. Even if it appears that you cannot hope to escape your pain and problems, you must nevertheless remain adamant and retain an unfailing trust in G'd.

Trust sustains a person and helps him turn to G'd wholeheartedly. The most important element of trust is to say always with unfaltering certainty, "All will be well." Then your situation will improve. This is because your success depends on the strength of your faith and trust in G'd.

Fortunate is the person whose trust in G'd is impregnable. He will be shown favor for all eternity.

Light and Darkness

Encourage yourself to have a simple faith and trust in G'd. Believe that all will be well and that matters will not always be this bitter. In this way, you will reverse all of your darkness to light.

The most important strategy in a person's life is that he remain firm; that in the midst of problems and downfars he doesn't falter, but instead transforms all of the darkness to light.

Every individual experiences both light and darkness, darkness and light; his disposition is constantly revolving. The ultimate level a person can achieve in this world is to remain strong and calm in the midst of the darkness, and to transform that darkness into a tremendous light. In the upper worlds, a person like this is highly esteemed. A person who does not falter in the worst of situations, but always says: "All will be well," will change the darkness he encounters to light how fortunate is he!.

Words of Inspiration

(Translated from Imrei Moharosh)

One of the most important elements in maintaining a peaceful home is mastering the power to refrain from anger. Anger and rage can literally destroy a person's household. When one can control himself from losing his temper, especially with his wife, he can be assured of a peaceful serene home.

Unfortunately though, the character trait of anger, overpowers almost every individual at some time or another. It seems that only with the coming of the Messiah will people fully be able to refrain from getting angry at others – even at members of their family. Not getting angry may appear easy enough, but really it is the hardest character change to bring about, because the nature of a person is to get upset at the slightest provocation.


Even if someone conscientiously prays, learns Torah, and serves G'd, the moment he gets angry he loses everything, and has to make a new beginning.

When a person gets angry, he even loses his soul. The Zohar comments on the verse, "He tears his soul in his anger" (Job 18) that "he tears and uproots his soul as a result of his anger, and in its place comes an alien god" (Tetzaveh 182). The great Kabbalist of the sixteenth century, the Ariz'al, was very strict about not getting angry and, like the Zohar, taught that when a person gets angry, he forfeits his soul.


A person has to fill himself with simple faith in G'd to such a degree that when his eyes look at this corporeal world they see nothing but the truth of G'd's existence; when he sits, he is aware that G'd is sitting next to him; and when he is on the street, he realizes that G'd is with him. This person serves G'd in all his ways.

Rabbi Nachman gave us the great gift of being able to really look at ourselves and to see where we stand.

This is the gift of "hissbodedut" – the practice of speaking to G'd in our own words. With this tool, a person can always judge himself: Where is he? What has he done wrong? What has he accomplished?

The more a person speaks to G'd in this way, the more does he fill himself with truth; and the more does he cling to the essence of life – G'd Himself.


Yavne'el Breslov City in the Galilee

Over one hundred families of Breslover Chassidim now reside in the newly built Yavne'el Breslov City in the Galilee. It has become one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding centers of Breslover Chassidus in the world today. The city flourishes on the principles of Breslover Chassidus which emphasizes joy and happiness, and its inhabitants relay this message to all people they come in contact with. Breslover Chassidim chose Yavne'el as their home because when Rabbi Nachman visited Tiberias in 1798, he strolled on the surrounding hills, and pointed towards neighboring Yavne'el saying, "There would be an ideal place to live". After nearly two-hundred years, Rabbi Nachman's vision has been translated into a reality as Yavne'el has been transformed into a vibrant Breslov community. A beautiful new Bais Hamedrash stands, housing a Kollel, Yeshiva and Mikvah. The new Boy's School, Girl's School, Nursery and Kindergarten are all institutions to be proud of.

At the same time, we continue our vital work of publishing the teachings of Rabbi Nachman throughout the world in many languages, from which many have benefited. All this amounts to a great financial burden so your support is needed to help us continue our work.



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